Our Mission

Formed in August 2011, University Greenways believes in the vision of a vibrant, thriving University District where everyone can walk and bike safely and comfortably within our community and to adjoining neighborhoods.

What we do

We strengthen the U-District’s commercial core by enabling a new stream of untapped customers beyond the neighborhood walkshed. Through safe, attractive and connected community bikeways where everyday families feel comfortable riding, we help make the Ave an attractive and accessible destination again for adjoining neighborhoods. Our merchants are economically strengthened through a broader customer base that doesn’t disappear each summer.

We support our residential neighborhoods through safer streets and a more connected community where everyone feels safe walking and biking. Residents feel that the changes we advocate for make their neighborhood more desirable and strengthen what they already love about their community.

We make the University of Washington more competitive to prospective students, faculty and staff. We complete UW’s quality of life picture as a place that people can get to and around efficiently, affordably and comfortably.

We make the most of our regional investment in light rail. By enabling multi-modal commutes and easy circulation throughout the U-District, we make the U-District a place where it’s convenient and practical to leave your car at home.

How we do it

We advocate for improvements that help all members of our community. We are not ‘bicycling’ advocates or ‘walking’ advocates. We’re advocates of a safe, attractive and economically competitive U-District for everyone.

We rigorously listen to and understand our diverse community’s unmet needs and opportunities: university, business and residential. While we bring a clear point of view on how livable streets can support these needs and opportunities, we’re here to amplify the U-District community’s voice, and not to supplant it with our own.


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