What is a Neighborhood Greenway?

Some Common Questions About Neighborhood Greenways

 What is a neighborhood greenway?
A neighborhood greenway is simply a neighborhood (non-arterial) street that is made safer for everyone. Traffic along the street calmed to 20 MPH, cross traffic is controlled with stop signs, and dangerous intersections are made safer to cross.

What physical changes can I expect to see on a neighborhood greenway
Speed humps that are comfortable to drive over while going under 20 MPH, stop signs on cross streets, pavement repair where needed, crossing improvements for people walking and biking, and wayfinding signs and markings.

Will I still be able to park my car?
Yes. In most cases, parking along the neighborhood greenway remains unchanged. In some instances where water run-off or pedestrian crossings are addressed — such as curb extensions for safe crossings and bioswales to clean up polluted street stormwater runoff — a space or two may be eliminated.

Who does a neighborhood greenway benefit in my community?

Who Benefits? 

Who Does Not Benefit?

  • Neighbors who want to live on a quiet street
  • Parents who want to let their kids play outside
  • Grandparents and elders who wish to stay active walking to the store, to parks, and to see friends
  • Kids who love to safely walk and bike to school
  • People who need to safely cross busy streets
  • Families who want to safely garden, play, or BBQ in their front yard or planting strip
  • Neighbors who need to comfortably and conveniently walk or bike to bus stops or work
  • People pushing strollers and walking their dogs
  • Residents concerned about traffic safety
  • Homeowners who know improvements to the public street may also improve their home value and want to protect the quality of life and livability on that street into an uncertain future
  • Everyone of all ages and abilities who would would feel safer walking or biking on the street if traffic were calmer, intersections were easier to cross, and signs helped them find the way
  •  Speeders who want to drive quickly through your neighborhood
  • Drivers cutting through your streets to avoid traffic on arterials

How are streets selected to receive neighborhood greenways safety improvements?
Usually, community members talk with their neighbors and decide they want a neighborhood greenway somewhere in their community. The Seattle Department of Transportation will then conduct extensive outreach, community meetings, and site visits to help find the best streets for these safety improvements.

Where have neighborhood greenways been successfully implemented
Neighborhood greenways are becoming well-loved by residents in Ballard, Wallingford, Ravenna-Bryant, Beacon Hill, and Delridge. Similar streets are very popular in Vancouver, Canada and Portland, Oregon.

What is Seattle Neighborhood Greenways?
Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is a coalition of neighborhood groups with volunteers like you who work to create safe and pleasant streets.  The coalition is organized under the umbrella of the venerable 501(c)3 Seattle Parks Foundation. For more information see http://seattlegreenways.org/ or contact Gordon  <at> seattlegreenways.org

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